Thor Ragnarok vs Justice League: Marvel’s Avenger loses to DC’s League by just a few votes, see poll.

Justice league and Thor ragnarok trailers are out, go watch them now !!

Fans have always pitted the superheroes of DC comics against Marvel multiverse’s characters. Superman vs Captain America, Batman vs Ironman and so on. For every new character in one universe, we can find a similar one in the other. After the success of Avengers series, DC came up with the idea of Suicide Squad and now, Justice League. DC’s Batman vs Superman was followed by Marvel’s Civil War. Both these films had a similar plot, two superheroes going against each other. Only, Avengers was successful in gaining audience love because of the way its near perfect implementation.

For a long time, the rivalry between DC and Marvel Comic franchise has kept not just fans, but the two franchises butting heads with each of their releases as well. This November, we will see them going head to head with the release of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok just two weeks ahead of DC’s Justice League.

Recently the trailers of Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League released and we cannot stop watching them on a loop and debate about which one is going to be better. While the teaser trailer of Thor has already got everyone floored, Justice League, however, won the voting contest just by 12 percent mark in a Twitter poll conducted by Despite the absence of Superman in the trailer of Justice League, it still managed to intrigue the audience. Out of the total 194 votes cast by the audience, 56 percent went to Justice League, while 44 percent was Thor: Ragnarok’s score.


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